Will you do a design test for us?

Sorry, but I no longer do design tests. I find my time valuable and I believe that design tests where I go work by myself tell very little about what I do. I work with people, both internally and externally to make sure everyone is aligned and data-informed so the best work is created and the best results for that time period are achieved. Start a conversation with me. Both you and I will know if I am a possible fit for your company.

Can you code?

No. You want a developer not a UX Strategist.

What tools do you use?

I use a variety of modified business tools that are used by Fortune 500 companies for my UX workshops.
I use Sketch and InVision to create wireframes and UX documents.
I use Google docs and sheets for documentation, sharing, and other client tools such as my content matrix for content creation and alignment.

What about UX Research?

I have a toolkit of methods and online UX services that IĀ use to conduct UX research that will fit a variety of scenarios and budgets. Start a conversation with me and I can discuss them with you in further detail.