Inspira Health Network

Inspira Health Network

Business Problem

The website for the Inspira Health Network needs to inform users of the services at each location along with information on how to contact and directions to get to the right location with the appropriate services.

UX Problem

The Location section on the Inspira Health Network Website led users on a journey that was long and winding.

While searching through lots of text to learn about each location, the user ended up with many new tabs opened in the browser with no clear path.

In an effort to inform the user at every step, information was repeated with no clear theme or order. Information was also hidden behind links that were not visibly obvious to the users.


Working with the BG Digital Team's Digital Creative Director and Developer, I wireframed new designs and documented with recommendations such as a new CMS for easier editing and maintaining of content, streamlined content, adding photos for visual recognition of locations, replacing navigations that led users away from intended destinations and designs that made better use of real estate.

Documented Wireframe for Locations Page

Documented Wireframe for Individual Locations Page
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