Saint-Gobain North America Brands

Business Problem

Saint-Gobain North America is one of the world's largest building materials company and as such it has many different businesses under its brand with products and brands of their own. This creates a complicated structure and the company is having trouble structuring this content on the website. The company wants their customers to understand their businesses as a family and provide information about the individual products and brands within. The result, although understandable to those within the organization, left users going in circles on the website as they tried to understand which business carried the product they needed and how to find further information on that product.

UX Problem

While this company has all the pieces needed, it still needs to put them in the right order. To achieve the intended goals with the website, there first needed an understanding of how the user sees the site, what the user intentions are along with user frustrations. This client would not allow any direct contact with their users which made it difficult to provide any evidence that our recommendations would be of value.


Using unmoderated studies along with heatmaps showing clicks and scrolling activity, we were able to demonstrate some of the disjointed user flows on the website. A UX KPI workshop with stakeholders and brand representatives provided some alignment on the website intention with the user in mind. With new direction and permission in hand, these prototypes were created to walk through the new user path.

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