Business Problem

Saint-Gobain North America was looking for an interesting way to showcase their CEO. They had lots of content from articles and interviews and wanted to display the content in a way that reflective of his very likable and charismatic personality. They wanted people to get to know him the way they know him and be able to share all that his presence has brought to the company. Still very active, they wanted their audience to be aware of events he would be attending so they could come see him for themselves.

UX Problem

The audience, current employees, potential employees, media and Exec Leaders, are not  the same as the customer segments that are coming to the website. While they still wanted this section within their site, it had to have a distinct personality of it's own and a structure that could enable it to be shared as a standalone for its intended audiences. The content needed to be interesting but still sharable, readable and measurable.


I created several wireframes with included modular sections that could be moved about according to their preference and priority. Each module contained an idea that could be used to deliver the various content. Ideas included elements such as timelines, video libraries, quote carousels, and even an interactive dropdown of questions that pulled and displayed the video that would answer the question. Along with these ideas, the necessities such as social buttons, blog articles and events were included throughout. Buttons to read more, download bio, and other actions allow the client to measure the activity on the website and see which content the audience is most engaged in.

The clients were very happy with a CEO Hub section that is in its first phase with a future phase being worked on to include bigger elements such as the interactive video biography.

Wireframe Option 1

Wireframe Option 1

Wireframe Option 3

CEO Hub Wireframe

CEO Hub Website

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