Western Union

Western Union Speedpay

Business Problem

Western Union's Speedpay form is for business owners with a large amount of customers, but he form was being used by people outside of its target. To try and correct the amount of time being wasted scanning unwanted emails, the form was designed to try and ward off anyone who was not in the intended range. The result was a form that was so rigid, it went form getting too many uses to almost none at all.

UX Problem

Western Union's form needed to be readjusted to meet usability standards as well as user needs without once again flooding the email department with unwanted email. The company was so focused on creating barriers to prevent unwanted emails, they lost sight of the value the form offered to its intended customers. The barriers resulted in the uses questions being unanswered and generated frustration instead of offering value.


Through recordings of unmoderated UX Studies and clickstream analysis, we were able to visible demonstrate to the WU team the frustration the form was creating for its users. This opened the door to allow us to create some quick win changes. The first being a redesign to allow for easier use on mobile devices. Other changes such as removing extra data fields such as City, State and Country not only helped the form become easier to digest but also reduced frustration of filling out so many fields as well as risk of coming off as a lead capture more than a form for assistance. After some discussions, it was determined to leave certain fields mandatory which would serve as the screening to help keep unwanted emails from getting through. The resulting design is now starting to get results once again. The form is currently undergoing further testing to measure results for any future modifications.

Original Speedpay Form

Revised Speedpay Form
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