The contact form on Western Union's Speedpay service was collecting a lot of unwanted form submissions. The person receiving the form submissions was overwhelmed as they had to sift through all the submissions to find the ones that were actual Speedpay customers. Reacting to this negative situation, Western Union placed a lot of requirements on the form to keep the unwanted submissions out. The result was the new form wasn't pulling in any submissions as it became too difficult to complete the entire form.

To resolve this issue, I first monitored the form webpage by using software to record anonymous user sessions, click data through heatmaps, and other information such as what device they were using to fill out the form. I used this data to present to Western Union so they could see and understand the frustrations their user were going through when trying to complete the form.

After viewing the data and discussing solutions, the form was redesigned to work better on various devices, and the fields were redesigned to allow users to get through with less frustration.

Data collected from form page monitoring

UX Data Collected

(Recording not provided to protect client data.)

UX Recommendations based on data collected.

Original Form Design

New Form Design after UX Design