Saint-Gobain North America is one of the largest building-material manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Their website contains a massive wealth of resources and information. The company has decided to start streamlining their website to better service their customers. One of those projects included designing a new user path for one of their customer segments.

To start this process, we needed to align and understand who the company's customer segments were, what they were trying to achieve and how we can help those customers accomplish and collect what they need. Onsite workshops that including persona building and discussions were conducted. Research using current website was performed. Using the information collected thus far, another workshop was held to discover UX KPI's in order to measure achievement of business goals throughout the user's path. Finally, wireframes and prototypes were created to set the foundation for the design and development of the new user path.

One of the heatmap sections from user research of website

Based from website video recordings, stakeholder interviews and other UX research performed, customer segments were defined and created into personas.

From Customer Segment workshop presentation.

One of the KPI's defined in the KPI workshop.

UX KPI's measuring indicators slide from workshop results presentation.

One of the slides from the workshop results presentation.

Wireframe from the new brand path design

Watch the User path audit video

This project is still in progress. Visit again soon to see redesign and results.