Anaono is a startup with a big mission. Started by Dana Donofree, the website sells undergarments specifically for women who have had breast reconstruction, breast surgery, mastectomy, or are living with other conditions that cause pain or discomfort. Dana herself is a cancer survivor and she has created the website to be more than just a store but to also be a safe haven online for women to feel supported and part of a community. This website is currently going through my UX strategy workshops. This project begins with the discovery of who their customer segments are by the jobs needed to be done, and how those needs can be met through the website to result in achieving business goals.

Melissa and Dana in the UX Business Model Workshop

Anaono's UX Business Model Canvas starting to take shape.

Working through the customer segment's Value Proposition Alignment Workshop

Insight questions gathered from workshops

Anaono's original fit guide.

The new, interactive fit guide that walks the user through a series of questions to help them find their fit.

Last checked, the new fit guide has created a 7 transaction increase average in a 1 month time period.

Quote from the client:

A HUGE thank you to Laurel for her UX Strategy work! Laurel's approach and methods are amazing and helped our team learn important insights about our business, encouraged us to rethink our audiences and messaging, and helped us to get a better understanding of how to frame our strategy overall. Not only did she bring her UX expertise to the table, but helped us to brainstorm and come up with key design elements, messaging, marketing and creative concepts that are better suited for our business and can take us to the next level. We are able to gather consumer and behavior insights that we didn't know before thanks to her!

This project is currently in progress so please check back for updates!