Career Wardrobe is a nonprofit social enterprise that uses clothing and professional development to empower unemployed individuals to work. Their website was in need of a refresh. I completed a website audit of the site and created a new website structure that gave donors and clients their own space to navigate through and find what information they are seeking or services they need. I then created wireframes for the new site design which the Creative Digital Director was able to use to make mockups from. The new design consists of design element modules that can be reused throughout the website to add and subtract as needed to provide current and consistent content.

Career Wardrobe's Homepage

New Design Homepage Wireframe

New Design Homepage Mockup (designed by Jen Hadley)

Career Wardrobe's Donation Page

New "Ways to Give" Wireframe

Ways to Give Mockup (designed by Jen Hadley)

This design is still in progress. Be sure to come back for updates!